In Novemeber 2019, Powercut was officially launched with the aim to create and provide high quality athleisure wear for women across Ireland and the UK.

Team Powercut consists of Bronagh and Craig, a young couple with a new baby. They are building a brand that delivers high performing and attractive products for women who are disillusioned at paying over the odds for below par quality.

Powercut started life in Northern Ireland, where Bronagh is originally from. Powercut relocated to Dublin in early 2020 after seeing the need to expand their business. Craig is originally from Carlow.


In 2018, Brónagh looked to stock up her workout wardrobe but was dissatisfied with the quality of gymwear she had on offer to her in Ireland after having more variety while living abroad. After a quick phone call to Craig, they knew they could fix this.

Several late nights, early flights and a baby later, Powercut had its first designs ready for market.


We believe that in this time Powercut developed its true identity; ' a great respect for perseverance and commitment to achieve your goals.' All Powercut customers will understand once they wear the brand. Powercut is focused on creating products that will endure the wear and tear of your workouts, your rainsoaked run or day to day life. All while being aesthetically pleasing to make sure you feel confident in your outfit no matter what.


We now offer multiple collections that cater for athleisure, loungewear and outerwear.

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Brónagh & Craig

Team Powercut